Preparing a presentation can be so overwhelming!

Common struggles are:

I have so many ideas and I'm not sure what belongs.

I want to create a powerful presentation, but I'm not sure how.

I want to deliver my presentation without memorizing my speech.

Figure out what to say


Step by step instruction

Development tools

Relevant examples

Remember what to say


Brainstorming Technique

Visual Mapping Method

Storylining Process

Feel confident saying it


Practical tips for preparing

Confidence in your material

Remember what to say under pressure

Course Curriculum

  1st Get to know your Audience
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  7Cs to Create Content with Confidence
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  Finally a Method of Preparation that Works!
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Hi, I’m Sara Krisher

I am driven by what fires me up most. It’s all those times you had something to say and didn’t raise your hand, all the moments you needed to speak up but kept quiet, and each time you resisted heading to the front of the room because you couldn’t find the strength. The cost is too high and the world needs your ideas, your voice, and your bravery.